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Leaflet printed on both sides with 35 illustrations
16 pages, 10,5 x 14,8 mm, open format 420 x 297 mm
in mylar sleeve
Texts in German
Self-published, Hamburg 2019
4,50 €

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Johannes Groht

Cosmographic chart

Some people cover the windows of their vehicles with black foil. This causes bubbles to form under the influence of sunlight. These bubbles can take on different shapes, animals and people, hunting scenes, bones, plants or mushrooms - images similar to those once revealed to the shaman in the darkness of his cave.

Thanks to modern imaging techniques they can now be made visible (as "cosmographies", from Greek kósmos: universe, order; gráphein: description, drawing). Poetically, they are also called Ossa luminis (Latin: bones of light), as they were originally thought to be a kind of "coagulated" light. This teaching panel gives a first overview of their formal language.

Scientific advice: Prof. em. Dr. Paul Helmut Schreier

Johannes Groht


Monte Stella, the "mountain of the star", is located on the coast of the Tyrrhenian Sea in southern Italy. Since the Stone Age it has been at the center of religion and culture. The surrounding landscape, ancient Lukania, was of great importance in antiquity, the scene of ancient myths such as the Odyssey, the site of the Greek temples of Paestum and the philosophers school of Elea.

The new photobook by Johannes Groht approaches the mountain and its surroundings in a profound, playful and humorous way. Sublime landscape and imposing architecture meet everyday street scenes and faded advertising signs. Naturally created characters on stones correspond with found pictures of mythical creatures. Quotes from writers and philosophers enter into dialogue with a grotesquely alienated, automatically translated advertising text.

Enclosed is a leporello with two large-scale "cosmographies", images of randomly created structures behind a sign and on a house wall. Together with the photographs and illustrations of the book, they tell of a world that is still shaped by the timeless longing of people for communication with their gods and the stars.

140 pages with 91 black and white and colored photographs as well as 3 illustrations,
10 short texts (in german), Brochure with open thread stitching, 14.8 x 21 cm
Leporello, 26 pages with 2 black and white cosmographies, folded to 14.8 x 21 cm,
folding box, 16 x 23.7 x 2 cm
The first 21 copies are handnumbered and signed.
Self-published, Hamburg 2018
58 € (plus shipping: D 4 €, EU 12 €, CH 17 €, World 20 €)

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Johannes Groht


My new book, "The Invisible Web", is presenting 50 kosmographys. This term derives from the old greek words kósmos: universe, order, und gráphein: delineation, description, drawing. I‘m using it for my pictures of random, natural structures which for me seem to be self-portraits of the cosmos.

Stars, heavenly bodies, comets and neurons, weblike structures or strange seeds appear in deep, black spaces, which oscillate between micro- und macrocosm. The pictures seem to deal with current scientific discourses about the brainlike, intergalactic web or findings of extraterrestrial biological entities the stratosphere.

Surprisingly they don‘t really show celestial bodies, but surfaces of our daily life: road markings and crosswalks. It‘s the old photographic process of inverting the pictures into negatives which is used to transform the banal into the enigmatic. An inspiring approach to questions of philosophy, representation and the thinking in analogys – like the hermetic law „as above, so below“.

First, limited edition of 42 copies
handnumbered and signed
Hamburg, Germany, 2016
50 full colour plates
100 pages, 171 x 297 mm
open thread-stitching
40 Euro (D) | 50 $ (elsewhere)
plus shipping: D 4 €, EU 12 €, CH 17 €, World 20 €

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Johannes Groht


Das Tor von Elea – The Gate Of Elea – is a picture of 9 m width, printed on one single sheet. The "pages" are accordion-fold and span out 12,7 m when laid out. They lie loose and removable in a sturdy cover.

The picture shows the frame of a rusty gate that I found at the foot of the ruins of the ancient greek city of Elea. I call it kosmography, because it's appearance derives primarily from chance, erosion and sunlight.

It's like a self-portrait of the surrounding volcanic landscape of the Cilento, Southern Italy, and surprisingly associated with the work of Parmenides of Elea, the greek philosopher, who lived and teached here once.

Limited edition of 21 handnumbered and signed copies
Hamburg, Germany, 2015
Leporello, 1.274 x 21 cm, accordion-fold to 29,7 x 21 cm
loose in cover with laser engraving, 30 x 21 cm
main picture 944 x 14,8 cm, plus three more, smaller pictures
Printed in four-colour on LuxoArt Samt 150 g/qm
99 € (D) | 120 $ elsewhere
(plus shipping: D 4 €, EU 12 €, CH 17 €, World 20 €)

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Johannes Groht

Im Tal der Zeichen
Kosmografien aus dem Schams

"In the valley of signs": Black lines, meandering, gathering and knotting, winding to signs, shaping figures, faces, fighting scenes and landscapes – calligraphy? Rock art? Abstract expressionism?

The black lines are marks of repair works on the streets of a alpine swiss valley, called the Schams. Where frost and heat afflict the tarmac, the cracks get fixed with hot asphalt.

These repainted fractures are isolated from photographs and remain as abstract forms. Their picture-language is surprisingly complex. They are correlated with questions of nature, art and philosophy.

Limited edition of 50 handnumbered and signed copies
with one original print
Hamburg, Germany, 2014, 14,8 x 21 cm, 348 pages,
black and white pictures
open thread-stitching
C-Print, 14,3 x 20,3 cm, Fujicolor Professional, handnumbered and signed on the rear, in glassine cover
68 € (D) | 90 $ (elsewhere)
(plus shipping: D 4 €, EU 12 €, CH 17 €, World 20 €)

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